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Why you should join the mission

All volunteers are evergreen leaves of the tree called volunteerism. Roots of volunteerism are deeply grounded in the human race. The Tree of Volunteerism will never be bare. Leaves that exist grow richer with the color and life of service; finally mature and fall only to enrich this evergreen tree and coax more new leaves in to service. In this way every volunteer becomes the part of this evergreen tree and in turn achieves the immortality by passing the baton to next generous soul. As long as the human race breaths on this planet, the service of volunteers will be cherished. Becoming a volunteer is a Divine opportunity to save a part of ourselves for posterity. It is a chance to become immortal.
{from: My Tryst with volunteerism.}

Direct Volunteering

The major challenge for direct volunteer is to develop a positive repo with our mentally challenged & autistic students. If one can devote time on daily basis then it can be done in shortest possible time. Here along with positive attitude good amount of patience is expected. This daily basis time can be even 2 to 4 hours a day or daily for full working hours.

The skill options for such volunteering could be

  • Music, especially instrumental or dances of different type.
  • Craft
  • Painting & drawing
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
  • One can volunteer as an assistant in our developmental therapy department.
  • Volunteering in the garden
  • A volunteer in our rehab units [ no special skill required, it is only supervising the working students]

Indirect Volunteering

Indirect Volunteering

In this case volunteer does not come in contact with our students directly but still involved in working system.

  • Helping in selling of our rehab unit products.
  • Volunteering on our stalls which are organized on different occasions.
  • Helping in fund raising activities.
  • Helping in maintaining our website/blog.
  • Content writing for our web site.
  • Helping in maintaining accounts.
  • Front desk work at registered office at Nagpur.
In case you wish to be the part of improving quality of life of mentally challenged & autistic children then contact us.

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