Special Education

There are 10 classes from Care group to Secondary. Special education is like a misnomer for these special kids. Since the cognition is essentially compromised in these children, whatever we try to do with them; it is more of training and less of education in its conventional sense. The ideal age to admit in special schooling is 4 years. But children with higher age are also admitted.

The schooling part includes activities for daily leaving {ADL}, age appropriate and IQ appropriate academics plus socializing skills as well. The technique used is, breaking down the task in to simpler steps and then working with the first and simplest step and going up words gradually { This is termed as Task Analysis}. The qualified and RCI registered special educators are the main resource person for this section.

Procedure for admission

  • New admission for every academic session starts from 2nd May.
  • The vacancies in each class will depend on the promotion of students from lower class to upper class.
  • Those wishing to take admission will have to apply in the printed format, during the month of April. Application form is available at our Nagpur office and Butibori campus as well.
  • The duely filled in application along with disability certificate from the appropriate authority in respect of concerned student can be submitted at Nagpur office or Butibori office. No application will be accepted before 1st April and applications without disability certificate will not be accepted.
  • The admission will be given strictly on firs come first serve basis.
  • After scrutiny of the application, parents along with the student will be called to Butibori campus for the student’s assessment.
  • Depending on the assessment and availability of seat in that particular class, admission will be given.
  • Such admission if made will be on probation basis for three months, during which period the acceptability of the student will be under scrutiny.
  • After three months if the student settles and if there is no other problem his admission will be finally confirmed.
  • While confirming the admission the location of residence and suitability to access the school bus route will also be considered.
  • For query on this subject one may contact Principal on Phone No 0710-262174 during office hours all week days.

Vocational Training

Early intervention: Perhaps the greatest single benefit of early diagnosis is organizing and preparing of the immediate and future environment and programs for the retarded through early acceptance and early intervention respectively. That is immediate environment of home with mother as its centre and letter in the training and the educational settings. A retarded child growing in an environment that totally accepts it, will present the least maladaptive behavior, whereas, the child brought up in a rejecting or over expectant environment will arrive at the vocational training stage with such firmly adherent maladaptive behavior, that indeed, very few of the many useful inputs will be effective at this stage.

After schooling, the student goes to vocational section where individual skill of the student is identified. The identified skills are then observed for consistency. This consistent skill or skills are then matched with different trades. The trade activity is selected where in maximum available skills of the student can be made use of. It is normally to match the skill for a trade rather than selecting the trade for the student. The qualified Vocational trainer takes care of this section.

Rehabilitation Services

There are 7 rehab units.
1] Rakhi unit 2] Handloom unit 3] Screen printing & file making unit
4] Diya unit 5] Starcirclip unit 6] Bouquet unit 7] Charkha unit

The rehab units are the money earning activities where students get paid. The net profit after expenses is distributed amongst the participating students in total. The organization does not use this profit amount for revenue expenses. The profit and loss statement for each rehab unit is maintained.

In fact, we at Sandnya believe that such rehab units which are brought to the level of profit making should be ideally handed over to the group of parents of participating students. But for various reasons and problems of parents this does not happen and thus the rehab unit remains under the umbrella of Sandnya.

Public Awareness Programs

We at Sandnya have realized since inception that unless we take general public in our fold, we are not likely to succeed in our endeavor of rehabilitation of mentally challenged. With this understanding, we have been addressing public awareness meetings in rural and urban areas.

The idea is to make general public understand what is mental disability, what are the limitations of mentally challenged and what are the options available with us to successfully integrate them in the main stream.

Home based program

There are many instances where the child cannot come to our centre. The family could be staying out of Nagpur, or they are staying in city but the area is far off from our school or campus. Or for want of vacancy in our special school we cannot admit the child. In such cases we offer home based program. The procedure remains same as in day care centre, but here the mother of the child is given hands on training for lesson to lesson. Mother with child comes to us with appointment, he/she is assessed, curriculum is charted for the year, then hands on training is given for the immediate task identified, they go back and are scheduled back after say 15 days, child is assessed for progress and next lesson is given. The advantage of home based program is, till the child can get admission in the special school he is helped and adequately supported so that in the letter years there are minimum maladaptive behaviors and it becomes little easier for him/her to get integrated in the society in advance age.

Developmental therapy

Developmental therapy is the integral part of management of mentally challenged. More than 45 % students take therapy exercises on daily basis. Apart from physical and occupational therapy we use music and dance also as therapy. In the younger age group aqua therapy also helps. Dance on fast music or western music or Indian bhangada helps in channelizing energy which in turn can help in controlling sexual mal behavior.

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Aqua therapy
  • Music & dance Therapy
  • Autism
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Services of Rehab Psychologist

Support Services

Parent counseling and training is the integral part of work without which we cannot expect the overall progress in the mentally challenged. Further, we believe that after parents it is the well motivated sibling who can become a ideal care taker of the mentally challenged. Thus sibling training and counseling in early years is as vital as parent training.

  • Parent Training
  • Parent Counseling
  • Siblings Training and Counseling
  • Sports

Parent Relief Centre

The name of the project suggests its objective. This facility is meant to give relief to the parents in times of stress. It is observed that many times parents of mentally challenged ward get in to a situation were they find extremely difficult to manage the child at home. This could be because of serious illness to one of the parents or any other family member, It could be because of the behavioural problem of the ward, It could be because of any major event like marriage and the parents find it difficult to manage the child, death of some family members. Or simply because the parents feel drained out and want a little relief. In such critical situations if we can provide lodging and boarding facility for a short period like 01 day to 06 days, it will be a great relief to parents. This is the basic idea of Parent Relief Centre, a short stay facility for our students only. There is 4 member committee which looks after this facility and addresses all issues related to PRC. Currently this short stay facility is available for maximum 3 days which will be extended to 6 days in due course of time.