The only funding source is donations from philanthropic people and business units. We have a system of voluntary monthly donation. There are few other donors also who donate through on line mode. The current monthly budget is more than Rs.6.00 lakhs and we do not take government aid. We certainly need funding support from individuals, business community and corporate sector as well. All donations to SSS are exempt under 80G of IT Act of Government of India.

It is the sincerity, honesty and transparency in our conduct that commands not only respect from the society but also helps us garnering funds from general public. The integrity and ethics at Sandnya helps it maintain the non aided status since 1993.

चिडी चोंच भर ले गयी, नदी न घटीयो नीर
दान देत धन ना घटे, कह गये दास कबीर

General Donation

The amount donated under this head goes to the general account and is used for revenue expenses which include employee's salary also apart from other expenses. The monthly expense is more than Rs.6.00 lakhs per month currently.

Monthly Donation

A small voluntary amount per month donated under this head is used for revenue expense. The advantage of this monthly donation to the donor is that the amount can be as little as even Rs.100/- also. It is voluntary amount can vary from month to month. Currently we have more than 450 monthly donors and the amount varies from Rs.100/- to Rs.30000/- per month.


Corpus is a fund which is marked as reserve and cannot be used for general or revenue expenses. However the interest earned on this amount can be used for revenue or general expense. Thus the original corpus amount is always secured as a reserve and can be touched only in extreme financial crisis.

Special Project Donation

Amount donated under this head is used for the specific project only and cannot be used for revenue expense.

News Paper Scrap Donation

One can donate news paper scrap to us. Give us your Nagpur address & mobile number. Our volunteer will collect this scrap from your home at your convenience on monthly, quarterly or six monthly basis as per your option. The news paper scrap thus collected is sold in bulk to generate additional funds. This is more convenient for Nagpur local people.